CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, PAD-EASEL
    • CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, PAD-EASEL
    • CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, PAD-EASEL
    • CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, PAD-EASEL
    • CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, PAD-EASEL
    • CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, PAD-EASEL
    • CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, PAD-EASEL

    CTA Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad

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    Kids Drawing Kids Drawing Easel for iPad

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     The Kids Drawing Easel for iPad by CTA Digital helps protect the iPad and safely bring the wonder of tablet technology to young children while inspiring their creative and artistic minds with a modern take on the classic easel. This 2-in-1 child-size drawing easel features a fun dry-erase marker board on one side and a special iPad holder on the other side for the touch of technology this generation’s children will need for tomorrow and want to play with today. The easel legs can easily be adjusted to different height levels to keep up with growing children and comfortably suit their needs. The tablet holder in the center of the easel secures the iPad so it won’t accidentally be dropped or misplaced by children and it can rotate 360 degrees to easily set to either portrait or landscape position. With the versatility of CTA Digital’s Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, children can have a head start for tomorrow with one amazing platform that blends traditional and tablet activities for an enhanced learning and fun artistic experience.
    Designed for iPad and All Drawing Apps
    The unique iPad holder on the front of the Easel is compatible with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPad and comes with a drawing stylus that works with any iPad. There are dozens of popular drawing and coloring apps available that will work perfectly with the Kids Drawing Easel for iPad, including Draw Something, Nick Jr. Draw & Play, Doodle Buddy, Color & Draw for Kids, and many more that can be found in the Apple App Store.
    360° Rotating Case
    Once the iPad is secured inside the holder with the turning lock, the case can be safely rotated 360 degrees to set in either a horizontal or vertical position.  This makes it easy to switch between portrait and landscape canvas orientations on the iPad. The rotating case makes the easel more versatile so it can work great as a stand to watch videos and movies or even have family skype calls with the iPad this way.
    2-in-1 Activity Easel with Dry-Erase Marker Board
    Along with the special iPad case on one side, this multi-functional easel features a traditional dry-erase white marker board on the reverse side. So even when the iPad is unavailable or kids just want to have fun with markers, they can enjoy doodling and being artistic with this easel. It’s also great for multiple children, so while one is getting creative coloring with markers another can play with drawing apps or games on the other side with the iPad case.
    Three Adjustable Easel Heights
    Kids come in different sizes and kids can grow and sprout quickly and unexpectedly, so it’s good to know that this Easel can keep up with them for a while and work for children of different ages with its three height options. Parent can easily adjust between each level by simply unscrewing the legs and repositioning to one of the three available height settings.  The three heights go from 2’4” at the lowest, 2’8” in the middle and 3’ at the tallest height.  The legs can also be removed entirely to use the easel on a tabletop if desired.
    Art Supplies Included
    The Easel comes with art supplies for kids to get creative right out of the box. A large crayon-like stylus for the iPad allows children to easily draw and color with their favorite apps. A dry-erase marker is also included and very easy to wipe away with its built-in eraser cap for erasing small areas and a larger eraser is also included to easily clear the whole board. These and other art supplies can be stored in the included art supply tray, which can be attached to either side of the easel.

    Features include:

    • Securely holds and helps protect iPad so kids can safely enjoy their favorite apps
    • Ideal for drawing and coloring apps for kids
    • Adjustable height levels for growing children
    • 360° Rotating case easily switches between horizontal and vertical views
    • Multi-purpose easel with dry-erase board on one side
    • Includes attachable art supply tray to store stylus and markers



    • Compatible with iPad (3rd and 4th Generation) and iPad 2
    • 3 Adjustable heights: 2’4” / 2’8” / 3’
    • Flat Dimensions: 17.25” W x 37.25” H
    • Some adult assembly required; no tools necessary

    Package includes:
    (1) Kids Drawing Easel
    (1) Stylus for iPad
    (1) Dry-Erase Marker with Eraser Cap
    (1) Large Dry-Erase Marker Eraser
    (1) Art Supply Tray



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