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ILUV AudClick 2 Bluetooth Alexa Speaker - Black

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AudClick 2 is a portable voice activated speaker that uses Amazon’s Alexa Voice Control to let you stream music hands free from popular music services like Amazon Music, TUNEIN, iHeartRADIO, and more. You can also ask Alexa any number of things. Notable examples include weather forecast, news briefing, audio books, time,or even adding items on your shopping list. You can also control other Amazon Alexa enabled smart devices. Simply click the top ring and ask. Addionally, a built in microphone allows you to conveniently answer incoming calls without having to grab for your phone.


Is it inconvenient to type for internet search? Just click top ring on Aud Click 2 and ask Alexa questions, news briefing, time, and weather forecast.

You don't need to call Alexa to activate the voice command function as it is already activated by clicking.

* Make sure your phone is connected to internet through WiFi or 4G/3G data network for Alexa function.

•What’s the weather?

•What's my flash briefing?

•Resume my book.

•Play 80s dance music.

•What time is it?

•Add eggs to my shopping list.


Simply click and ask Alexa to play your favorite music. The Aud Click 2 works with major streaming services and radio stations, including Amazon Music, TUNEIN, iHeartRADIO, and more. Play your favorite songs and albums easier than ever. You do not even need to scroll through your music. Say “Play my [artist name or genre] station on [iHeartRadio or Pandora]” and Alexa can bring you your music through this impressive speaker.

With your AudClick 2 you don’t have to unlock your phone to stop, play or change the music. For music related questions you can ask “Who sings the song [song name]?”

“Who’s in the band [band name]?”

“What year did [band name] release [album title or song title]?”


Control any Alexa compatible smart home device such as smart bulbs, smart TVs , and smart thermostats all with your voice.

•Turn on the Kitchen Lights: The Aud Click 2 can connect to select smart bulbs, so you can control the lights throughout your home just by asking Alexa something simple like: “Turn on the kitchen lights.”

•Turn off the TV: That’s right! The Aud Click 2 can also control your smart TV, so you can change the channel, adjust the volume and lots more all by asking Alexa something like: “Ask TV Shows when is American Idol on.”

•Set the temperature to 72 degrees: If that’s not enough, you can even control the your smart thermostat and set your desired temperature. This makes your electric bill way less and helps the environment. Simply ask something like “Ask [thermostat company] what’s the temperature upstairs.”


This speaker is not only for listening to music. With built-in microphone you can also answer incoming calls by pressing top ring and talk hands free. Click one more time to hang up after conversation. You can also decline the incoming call by holding the top ring for a moment. Don't miss important calls from your friends or family.


You would be impressed if you listen to the powerful sound from this small portable speaker. 360° Omni-directional audio speaker with jAura Sound technology will fill your room with loud sound. Enjoy clear sound without distortion.


We are living in a different world and do not need to carry a boom box to listent to music any more. The compact size smaller than a soda can allows you to take your AudClick 2 with you anywhere. Wheather in a bag or on the desk, it won't take too much space while the music can fill the room. You can play music up to 7 hours which varies by volume level and music content.


If you are in a park or basement where your phone does not have internet access, you can still play your favorite music from the mobile device anywhere. Make sure AudClick 2 is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Open a music player on your phone and play music. Don't let WiFi availability limit your freedom.

10 Items

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