• Stereo Speakers, MD-1
  • Stereo Speakers, MD-1
  • Stereo Speakers, MD-1
  • Stereo Speakers, MD-1

Stereo Speakers

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Bocinas Stereo Externas Universales 3.5mm de baterias.

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Pump Up the Volume
Enjoy music more often with the new Nokia Music Stand MD-1. Ideal for listening to your phone's radio and music player at home or at work, this high-quality two-speaker unit has been designed to fit phones of various shapes and sizes with a Pop-Port™ interface connector.

High-quality sound with two speakers and built-in stereo amplifier
Built-in microphone, volume control, and answer/end button for hands free speakerphone capability
FM radio antenna
Pop-Port™ connector with cable
Audio input and auto mute option for external audio sources

*Mobile Phone Not Included*

Perfect for a small office, kitchen, or workspace, the compact Nokia Music Stand gives clear sound quality without a headset. Just plug your phone into the Pop-Port™ cable provided and turn on your phone's radio or music player.

This fun and functional two-speaker unit is covered in a rubbery surface that holds your phone in place, letting you listen to high-quality stereo sound and charging your phone at the same time.

When the phone rings, make use of the speakerphone functionality with the built-in microphone, volume control and answer/end button on the music stand. Or use the music stand with an outside audio source, like a CD player or MP3 player

Weight: 395g
Dimensions: 114 x 214 x 72 mm
Colour: Black
Interfaces: Nokia Pop-Port™ interface connector, AUX: 3.5mm EIAJ connector
Antenna: Omni-directional, 80 mm
Operating Temperature: -25°C up to 55°C
Charger: Travel Charger ACP-12

119 Items

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